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As a normal rule, membership in the Warblers Club is by invitation only. The Warblers Club is as much a fraternal organization as a choral group. Potential members must be "sponsored" by a Warbler, are required to perform before the group in a "try-out" or audition and meet other membership requirements. Confirmation of new members is made by a vote of the active performing members. Obviously, vocal talent is required as well as a desire to be an active participant in the group, conforming to the values and creed of the Warblers Club. A link to our constitution can be found at the bottom of the "Active Members" page.

Men who have been members of the Warblers in the past (most probably at Woodlawn High School) are always welcome to become active performers in the group again (once a Warbler, always a Warbler). In this case, all that is required is to begin attending rehearsals regularly in order to again become proficient enough for performance status. It should also be noted that, while the Warblers Club has always been a male-only organization, many females have served as accompanists for the group over the years and these dedicated ladies all are considered to be "Warblers".

Members who, for various reasons, may be unable to, or choose not to, perform with the group, are always welcome and may choose to serve the Warblers Club in some non-performing capacity.

Men who have an interest in becoming a member of the Warblers Club should contact